Let’s Do the Partner Shuffle! (Darling in the FRANXX Episode 11 Review)

Let’s Do the Partner Shuffle! (Darling in the FRANXX Episode 11 Review)


Kokoro was pretty bold in this episode! I’m just so surprised at how fast she went to swap partners with Glasses-Chan (I’m sorry, I don’t know her name 😅) after Futoshi told her his feelings. I’m not holding anything against her for it, I just know that if it were me I’d feel bad about doing it without waiting some time.

Speaking of which, doesn’t it seem like Mitsuru and Kokoro are kind of having a thing? It’s a little endearing now that Hiro’s and Zero Two aren’t the only couple in the series (yes I know Kokoro and Mitsuru become and actual thing in the later episodes… I have the internet, I’m not stupid)

I like the fact that they’re making this into a natural thing. Kokoro and Mitsuru are choosing to spend time together and letting their feelings grow, not saying that Hiro and Zero Two’s relationship isn’t genuine but it’s definitely much different in the sense of how they ended up together.


… I just hope that no one dies, but I feel like that hope might be shattered soon.

Honestly, I feel like out of everyone Futoshi would be the one to die first. He’s just… too soft-hearted. I love how he’s so caring for Kokoro but I think he let it get to him too much when Kokoro asked to switch partners. He just cried and yelled for the rest of the episode. I know that his heart must’ve been broken after Kokoro switched him for Mitsuru when he’d just confessed his feelings, but she was clearly not feeling the same way. I just felt like he needed to let go already and face the truth.

But, I like the way he tried to protect Kokoro throughout the episode, even though it did almost cost them their lives during the mission. I’d see their relationship as more of friendship/sibling kind of thing to be honest.

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