You Can’t Ask Gods for ANYTHING! (Didn’t I Say to Make My Abilities Average in the Next Life?! Episode 1 Review)


I guess anything’s possible in an Isekai…

You got hit by Truck-kun, didn’t you? You poor soul…

I’m pretty sure this is the first overpowered isekai protagonist I’ve seen that genuinely did not want her crazy abilities. She can practically take down anyone she wants to once she masters using her abilities but for some reason she just wants to be average.

“Why,” you ask?

According to the main heroine named Mile (originally Kurihara Misato in the real world), because she excelled at her academics in real life, she never made any friends…


I’m really starting to hate this character trope. It’s overused and it’s kind of annoying; to me, it makes the character look very insecure and weak-minded. First of all, you’re at the top of your class. Have some self-confidence. In all reality, having a bright future should be more important than having friends. It’s also technically your fault if you don’t have any friends, unfortunately. She also had a loving family so.. I don’t know, I’m not sure if “ungrateful” would really describe what I think of her (it’s definitely less than that).

I’m just saying, I think it’s stupid for the characters to blame not having friends on being a top student, or when they excel at something in general. It’s not even true! It makes that kind of life look so sad, when these kinds of attributes are things that average people would love to have.

…I just wanted to say this before I actually moved on. I promise I have good things to say about this anime, just bare with me.

To start, I love the fact that the next person to get isekai’d is a girl that happens to be a weeb. You can tell she at least watches a little bit of anime. And it’s not something that’s thrown out into the open within the first few minutes of the episode unlike most isekai anime. Mile just slowly breaks the fourth wall every now and then throughout the episode.

(Also her •__• faces kill me)

We also have a couple of other main female characters in this series, although I’m not sure if I could say that I like them. They’re not bad but I’m not really feeling anything for them either. Although I do kind of like Mavis the knight! She’s very noble.

Plus she just looked so cute in this screenshot!!

I figured the whole child disappearance thing was going to be a main problem throughout the series, but I assume it was just used as a way to have Mile develop a connection with the other three girls and show off her “average” powers.

By the way, how the hell did she ask for average powers only to be given the average abilities of the strongest creature in that world?! Like she has the average abilities of both a human and a freaking dragon. That doesn’t make any sense to me. She literally did not ask for the dragon abilities. Whichever god was in charge of the afterlife place she visited clearly didn’t understand what she meant when she said average. Maybe she should’ve been more specific? It’s like the stories of the genie granting crazy wishes because the person that asked wasn’t being specific enough.

I guess if you’re blessed, you’re blessed? Anyway, that was my first impression on this series. What did you think of it?


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