A Monster in Disguise (Darling in the FRANXX Episode 12 Review)

A Monster in Disguise (Darling in the FRANXX Episode 12 Review)

Here it is!! It’s the turning point, when the series makes its halfway mark and shit gets REAL!

It all starts with Zero Two’s obsession with being human. She obviously feels insecure about her fangs and horns since it clearly sets her apart from everyone else besides her bizarre personality. She sincerely believes that the more Klaxosaurs she kills the closer she’ll get to being human. I don’t see how that would solve her problems though?

I know that her “being human” has something to do with her using her partners. According to the anime she steals her partners’ life force in order to aid herself in becoming human, which is why all of her partners couldn’t take riding with her more that three times.

But for some reason, Hiro is different? How come? To me it doesn’t seem like there’s really anything special about him…

Unless, he just so happens to be her long lost childhood friend!

Dun, dun, duuuun~

How predictable. Zero Two literally just called him her fodder, so imagine how she might feel once she recovers her somehow lost memories and realizes she just tried to kill her first “darling”. Ah, the irony.

 Unlike what I thought before about Zero Two, which was that she was simply never meant to be apart of her own squad due to her “special condition”, I was actually proven wrong in this episode. She used to belong to a squad of her own, I guess before she “ate” her last darling. They must be elites of some kind, like in the class that she is, only most likely more human. Although they also seem like they have sticks up their asses the way she does…

Anyway, I have a feeling that Hiro, Zero Two, and the rest of the squad are slowly going to realize the truth about where they live and where they came from all on their own. Why is it that parasites never come back once they leave the Plantation? How were they really created? What’s so special about Squad 13?

Ah, Naomi… We knew you for like two minutes

Hiro and Ichigo are making their own conclusions about Zero Two while Kokoro is learning about motherhood and childbirth, something that was completely unheard of in the civilization they live in, since it’s believed they’re created under the same mother and father.

I’m starting to see why this series has so many fans. It’s like a dystopian society type of anime with mecha involved, but it slowly gets more twisted as you continue to watch it. Isn’t that kind of like the pattern that a lot of shonen anime have taken recently? Or shows in general? Seems people really like the dark and twisted stuff 😰

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