Carol Olston is the Next Chika Fujiwara (A Little Essay on Why Carol is Best Girl 😌)

Carol Olston is the Next Chika Fujiwara (A Little Essay on Why Carol is Best Girl 😌)


As some of you may know, a manga that I grew to love sometime at the end of last year was the 4-koma Tomo-chan is a Girl! If you’ve also read it I’m pretty sure you agree that the three main girls girls are all best girls in their own way, but consider:

If this 4-koma were to be adapted into an anime, who would automatically be chosen as “best girl” by the public?

Carol Olston.

Face it, she’d basically be like another Chika Fujiwara. But in my opinion I think she’s better character-wise? Nothing against Chika but that’s just how I feel.

Despite coming into the cast later on, Carol’s character made a big impact on the series. I didn’t expect to like her since she started out by pretty much insulting everyone and tried to be Tomo’s rival (sort of?) so I kind of thought she was annoying, but I slowly starting falling for her personality and grew to love her! You can tell she was used for some of the time to help advance the plot, but that’s true for literally every character in a series.

That fearless gaze…

While Carol seems sweet and oblivious with an unmoving smile, she’s actually very blunt and doesn’t seem to care about the way others feel about her. She often plays the ditz when she’s actually quite smart and observant, and from what I remember she gets upset and angry a few times but rarely shows it.

One of the things I loved about her most throughout the series was her relationship with Misuzu Gundou. After getting over that weird rivalry thing with Tomo, Carol soon tried to befriend both Tomo and Tomo’s childhood friend Misuzu, which was a problem for the latter. Misuzu clearly found Carol annoying and wanted nothing to do with her for

It took me so long to find a good panel represent their friendship

quite some time (a few hundred chapters to be exact). Despite this, Carol made more and more of an effort to be her friend and even went as far as to make Misuzu jealous of Carol’s friendship with Tomo in an effort to spend time with her outside of school. Misuzu would often act as if she was after Carol’s money (the girl is loaded) but Carol would quickly dismiss it as if that wasn’t her real intention, which I guess worked out for her in the end.  There were so many great panels to represent Carol and Misuzu’s friendship but I decided to go with this one. I definitely recommend you read the manga at least for their interaction. 

Anyway, this was just a little essay (I guess?) as to why I love Carol’s character, and I’m really hoping a Tomo-chan! anime adaptation will come soon. Mainly because I want to prove my point about Carol being the next best girl.

What do you think of Carol Olston?









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