The 4-koma that Stole My Heart (Tomo-Chan is a Girl! Manga Review)

The 4-koma that Stole My Heart (Tomo-Chan is a Girl! Manga Review)


When I’d stumbled onto this manga by some strike of chance, I was immediately turned off by the amount of chapters. 800-something chapters jeez!

But then I’d read the summary. It wasn’t particularly special in my opinion, but it did interest me enough to at least read the first chapter. I’m a low-key sucker for romance though I wouldn’t care to admit it. Add the words “childhood friends” and I’m hooked on a little more…

This was actually the first four-panel-chapter manga series I’d read, so I was a little freaked out when I’d realized I’d already binged the first hundred chapters in the first day. The pureness, the hilarious scenes between the characters, the romance. I just couldn’t put it down!

“Tomo-chan is a Girl!” is about the tomboyish Tomo who really wants to be noticed by her childhood friend, Jun. They’d been friends and next-door neighbors since elementary school. She had already confessed her feelings to him before junior high had ended, but it seemed like he interpreted the confession in the wrong way and still treats her as “one of the guys”. So in order to get the message across she tries different things to make him see her as more of a girl, and of course chaos ensues, but not without a few laughs and new friends along the way.


I think my favorite character throughout this entire series has to be Carol. Of course, I love Tomo as well as Misuzu, but there’s something about Carol that makes me really like her character. Maybe it’s because she plays the starry-eyed naive character so well that she brings herself into all types of crazy situations without really knowing. With the mouth she has I’m surprised no one’s smacked her yet.


And she always smiling? Even when she gets angry she keeps that little smile plastered on her face. Of course, the manga shows her drastic change in mood when something doesn’t go the way she plans it, but she always brings her bubbly personality right back up! The only time you’ve ever seen her get very visibly upset was probably once or twice within the series.

Misuzu Gundou is probably my second favorite. She’s pretty much the complete opposite of Carol, and in fact hates her guts because of that overly-cheerful personality she wears. She’s also the childhood friend of both Tomo and Jun, but unlike Tomo she’s very reserved and acts quite feminine. She’s the main one who tries to help Tomo be a little more ladylike despite not liking Jun very much. And she may not look like it at first, but that girl is a cynical, evil little mastermind…. Okay, maybe not evil but she definitely has some tricks up her sleeve in this series.


What I love most about her is how secretly possessive she is over Tomo. It’s also another reason why she can’t stand Carol. Pretty much as soon as she transferred to their school, Carol had become very close with their group. She’d actually started off with hanging around Jun, asking him to train her so she could fight Tomo (I believe she referred to her as a gorilla? I’m not sure). I forgot exactly what the fight was for, but quickly afterwards she’d quit her training as she claimed it was too hard and called a truce with Tomo. After that she pretty much hung out with Tomo and Misuzu every day.

My favorite part of the series was when they gave a few chapters over to Jun and demonstrated what is called a “slow burn”…. Those who read romance fan-fiction might know what I’m talking about. They showed how he and Tomo had originally met, how he found out Tomo was actually a girl, as well as how he figured out how he’d fallen for her. It was so sweet!

Bingeable? Yes.

Funny? Yes.

Romantic? Yes! In fact it’s so romantic that every time the main pair has what you might think would be the moment, it gets cut off with a joke and you almost feel like throwing your phone across the room.

I just wish they would come out with an anime already! I want to see this in color and sound. I’m tired of trying to imagine their voices in my head -_-

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