Because You Gotta (Darling in the FRANXX Episode 7 Review)

Because You Gotta (Darling in the FRANXX Episode 7 Review)

Oh my god it’s a beach episode

I’m actually kind of surprised this came so early (to me it’s early)? I mean, it had to happen at some point. I just figured we’d get it in the middle of the season instead.


And of course, you can’t have a beach episode without a little fan-service! Just kidding. But doesn’t that just seem like what beach episodes are made for? Also, Zero Two in a ponytail? How could you possibly resist?! She was pretty cute in this episode.

Speaking of Zero Two, now that she’s become an official parasite with Hiro under Plantation 13, whatever higher powers that run the joint have decided to keep Plantation 13 under their radar as a “special surveillance subject”. Whatever Zero Two is, it seems like she’s still trouble for everyone despite having finally found a partner that can handle more than three rides. Which brings the question: who is Zero Two and why is she such a threat to everyone? And what’s so special about Hiro? Why was he unable to cooperate with his previous partner yet he does so well with Zero Two?

They’re practically inseparable at this point.

I’m just glad that Ichigo’s (semi-) okay with it. She’s definitely not as butthurt as she was before, and even admits that she’s glad that Hiro and Zero Two work so well together.

You know what’s weird, though? The doctor (creator of the FRANXX) had warned him not to let her “consume his emotions” if he wants to be her partner forever. What could he mean by that? Is he referring to falling in love with her? I can see why that’d be a problem, since literally every romance protagonist would choose to throw everything away for the love interest. But what if he meant literally consuming emotions? Now that’s scary!

Speaking of emotions, seems like everyone (or the rest of Squad 13 at least) is going crazy over the idea of kissing. So much to the point where the boys are looking over to Hiro for guidance.

Screen Shot 2019-06-12 at 2.48.14 PM
(the only yaoi ship in this series I will accept)

He’s kind of like their big brother in this situation. In a way it’s endearing how close they are with one another.

Afterwards, Mitsuki (the little doo-doo haired guy, I’m not sure what his name is) leads the gang to what looked like an abandoned village some distance away from the beach. They split up, some going to the building that resembles their boarding house, some wandering around by themselves. Kokoro goes to a place that looks somewhat like a pharmacy-ish place and finds a pamphlet on the topic of a mother’s first childbirth, which is where Mitsuki finds her.

… I think I know where this is going. I saw the spoilers *wiggles eyebrows*

Okay, that was really creepy.

Anyway, the gang later went back to their spot and had dinner, and while everyone else went to sleep Hiro and Ichigo took a midnight walk on the sand. They had a few touching moments together. Ichigo even tried to confess her feelings (sort of?) to Hiro, but he quickly ignored her. I’m not sure if maybe he was trying to steer her away from the topic or if he’s just dense and rude.


They even got to see shooting stars! It made me think of the first time I saw a shooting star. Unlike Ichigo I didn’t have time to make a wish since I spent those few seconds freaking out and telling my parents I saw a UFO…. But I can definitely feel the wonder and awe they felt while looking at them! Just wish mine didn’t burn out so quickly.

Have you ever seen a shooting star?


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