5 Reasons Why You SHOULD and SHOULDN’T Watch “Asobi Asobase”

5 Reasons Why You SHOULD and SHOULDN’T Watch “Asobi Asobase”

While I enjoyed this anime for what it was, there were certain things about this series that were kind of unsettling to me. Really, for the viewer, it depends on your sense of humor and what exactly you tolerate and what could trigger you in regards to your standards on anime. But I’m sure the newer viewers might be thinking, “What could go wrong with an anime like this? They’re just middle school girls.”

That’s exactly the point.

Reason #1: They’re middle school girls.

While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with an anime based on teenage girls, these three in particular are quite scary, and are frankly (excuse my language) complete dumbasses. While some of the humor in this anime is based off of their lack of knowledge on certain subjects, sometimes the predicaments they get themselves into just makes you cringe.

Reason #2: Raunchy humor.

Like I said before, some of the humor in this anime is based off of the lack of knowledge these three have on certain subjects… I’m sure you can guess which subject it is I’m talking about.

Yup, these girls pretty much never had health class (at least not yet?), so they don’t know too much about the birds and the bees except for ridiculous myths and rumors they heard from siblings or other classmates. This leads to tons of crazy shenanigans inside their club room, including trying to see under their cross-dressing senpai’s skirt and mishaps with a sex robot.

Speaking of which, here’s another reason why you both should and shouldn’t watch the series:

Reason #3: Maeda

Maeda is the trusted butler of one of the main characters, Hanako Honda (the main dumbass lol) and also the harbor of one of the greatest alien technologies that mankind doesn’t even have access to: The Ass-Beam Cannon.

I’m just kidding! That’s not what it’s called, but it’s true. He shoots laser beams out his booty hole.

While I love his character, he has his moments in the series where he acts really creepy towards Hanako and the others and the anime makes it seem like it’s completely unintentional. That doesn’t sit well with me, but thankfully it only happened two or three times.

In case you’re wondering, that’s not the blonde girl in the first pic. It’s actually the robot I spoke about beforehand, which Maeda had actually brought in 😛

Reason #4: There’s no plot.

This is the kind of show that doesn’t really try to follow a storyline. I mean, it at least had a few general ideas it would follow up with eventually (like the main characters’ rivalry with another club over the classroom they use, the cross-dressing senpai I mentioned before, and a few other sticky situations they somehow got into), but they pretty much never finished the story.


The last episode ended as if it was just another episode. No goodbye or spectacular ending. Nothing.

I guess what’s good about it is that there’s kind of something different in each episode, but I prefer the titles that actually follow a story. Plus it angered me how they left so many things without an explanation.

Which brings us to lucky number five!


There’s no plus to this. The anime literally left us hanging after it ended.

Will the club rivalry go on??

Will these girls ever actually learn about the birds and the bees (because they honestly need to)??


I know it’s a really creepy question, but if what I think is under there is actually there then that would raise the question of what a boy is doing in an all-girls school. Yes, they could be trans, but this character did make a comment about the main three saying, “Girls are so stupid”. I’m not sure if that confirms anything, but that’s just a question that was left unanswered.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved this anime. I found each of the main girls so relatable and I adored their personalities.

But just because I love something doesn’t mean I won’t admit it’s weak points.

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