Beetle Juice Strikes Again (Re:Zero Episodes 22 & 23 Review)

Beetle Juice Strikes Again (Re:Zero Episodes 22 & 23 Review)

Subaru: Huh.. my arch enemy


Of course, Subaru doesn’t approve at first. I guess losing the sword fight (and in turn losing Emilia) still hurts his pride. Plus, a regular guy can’t really compare to a chivalrous knight…. Even though he literally just defeated a very powerful mabeast. I’m just glad that in this episode he finally realized how that whole ordeal was his fault. It was sort of surprising, but I guess reliving the same consequences due to selfish intentions really changed him.


I hated his stupid attitude before. I might consider thinking of him as a decent character if he keeps owning his mistakes the way he did in this episode. What sucked was that I was seeing a potential friendship between them until Subaru ruined it with “Yeah, but I still hate your guts.”

Shortly after, Subaru and the gang basically spent the next episode and a half fighting the Witch Cult including several of Betelgeuse’s underlings called “fingers”.

You know, jumping in between anime sometimes makes me forget about what happened the last time I watched, and then I’m always a little bewildered when something serious happens even though that’s how the anime has been going for the last few episodes. You get what I’m saying? I guess it’s a good thing since I’m always left in awe over the series of events but sometimes it’s like a slap in the face when you’re reminded some of the characters are actually facing some challenges.

Each finger was absolutely INSANE, extremely powerful, and super creepy. It was like seeing Betelgeuse in different forms. As for Betelgeuse himself, he was cut down by Wilhelm, which lead to Subaru’s obtainment of the Cult’s gospel. He was warned that trying to read a gospel is very dangerous to do, but Subaru being Subaru decided to read it anyway.

During their fight with the final finger Emilia showed up just in time to defeat him, and it seemed like he wanted it? Apparently this was his “proof of love” from the Witch. The man went mad with eagerness upon seeing her and couldn’t wait to be killed. Although, he died in a gentle way where Emilia took mercy upon him and encased him in some kind of crystal material.

So, yeah. The battle was over pretty quickly and Subaru just couldn’t wait to finally see her after their time apart (which was much longer for him), but after getting a few minutes glance at her he ran straight for the woods. Felix and Julius followed, and what they found was not Natsuki Subaru.

So finally seeing Emilia went wrong

And now he’s possessed. I guess this is what happens when people come in contact with the Witch, and read the occultists “gospel” despite being warned not to. Honestly, Subaru, what an idiot. Now someone has to kill him so he can wake up.

But will he still wake up again as Natsuki Subaru, or the creepo occultist Beetle Juice? Will anyone even defeat him? Find out next time on the Its An Anime Thing blog!

I can’t promise I’ll get to it soon, though. 😐

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