I AM EMOTIONAL (3-Gatsu no Lion Episodes 21 & 22 Review)

I AM EMOTIONAL (3-Gatsu no Lion Episodes 21 & 22 Review)


This is most likely going to be short, so I’m just going to get my point across.

This ending really tugged at my heartstrings, and I wasn’t expecting it to. I’m really glad that Rei isn’t actually as alone as he may sometimes think he is. And I think his childhood may have made him perceive it that way.

He probably wasn’t very sociable anyway before his family died, and he most likely had to switch schools when he moved in with his foster family, so it’s no surprise he didn’t have much friends growing up. And then deciding to move to a completely different city years later? I’m just really glad Akari had found him when she did. Otherwise, who knows what could have happened to him.

And his teacher! He’s so supportive, going above and beyond to make sure that Rei passes the year. There should be more teachers like that in schools…

Ugh, I’m so sorry this post is pretty bland. I put this off for so long that I don’t where I was going with it 😅 But yeah, all in all I really enjoyed this season! Not sure whether I’ll review Season Two, though…


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